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Interestingly, the increasing popularity of wine makes a wine basket the ideal present, regardless of the event. According to Wine Business Monthly there is at least one winery in each state of the US with California accounting for 49 percent of the total wineries. Wine is consumed during many social situations from the celebrating of a corporate success, to rejoicing in special occasions such as romantic nights out, anniversaries,birthdays, family holiday get-to-gethers, dinners out with friends, to simply relishing a glass in the comfort of your home. Because wine has such comprehensive appeal, many folks search the Internet looking for wine basket products to bestow as gifts. Whether the recipient considers her / himself as a Bordeaux connoisseur, or he/she just enjoys an occasional glass of white or red, there are a number of wine baskets that can address not only to the novice , but also the person with a most discriminating palate. Wine baskets range in arrangement and quality from the more simple to over-the-top.

Wine custom gift baskets are the most suitable to wine lovers simply because they can consist in wine glasses, decanters and small wine cellars as well as other delicious combinations, such as cheese, meats, chocolates, candles and so much more. These types of gifts are stylish gifts to give at parties. By presenting these forms of wine basket gifts, presenters can have different options to decide on which wines can be suitable to their spending budget.

The main advantage for giving a custom wine gift basket is that you can select the individual bottles, various types of basket sets, and also you can choose the types of the bottle from selected vineyards. We could also add the external looks to the bottle like pasting tattoos or adding any food items like chocolates, fruits etc. By adding these kinds of items, it provides a greater variety to your wine gift basket.

We could see plenty of varieties. Custom wine gift baskets delivered with the very best wines along with adding the little extras like chocolates, fruits, nuts etc, creates a more interesting addition. These types of wine gift baskets are highly suitable for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate gifts, honeymoon gifts, Valentines gifts, and Christmas. Many wine gifts may also be enjoyed during festivals or holiday parties.

Nothing shows your class like wine. If you go too cheap or don't garnish your wine basket with other things, you may appear like you just picked something up quickly at the market. Instead, take time to shop for the perfect wine basket that offers perhaps a selection of both red and white wines and many other fillers that taste nice with wine, and don't forget the wine glasses and the bottle operners. Sometimes it is the collection of these gifts all delivered in a beautiful wrapped basket that can make a relatively inexpensive gift look like it cost a fortune. You don't have to spend a lot of money by simply adding in those extra things, but you will not look cheap if you take this advice.

Consider These Fine Wine Gift Basket Ideas


Romantic Dinner Basket


A gift basket of wine often includes food as well. Give consideration to how you pair the food and wine. Different types of wine enhance the flavor of certain foods. For example, chicken would work well with a Chardonnay or Merlot but a chicken dish flavored with Mexican spices would be better with a slightly sweeter Zinfandel. A romantic dinner gift basket could include pasta, tomato sauce, bread and a Chianti or Pinot Grigio, both wines that work well with pasta.



Wine-Tasting Basket

A great way to experience wine is through a wine-tasting. Create a gift basket that contains all the components needed to explore a wine. First, select the wine you wish to use. Add an assortment of cheeses, fresh fruit and bread and glasses specifically designed to enhance the experience. For example, choose a Chenin Blanc, which is a slightly sweet wine from France's Loire Valley or parts of California. Pair this white wine with a selection of cheese from around the world, such as camembert from France, blue castello from Denmark and graddost from Sweden. Add apples, grapes and strawberries to the basket, all foods that will enhance the taste of the wine.




Wine From Around the World - Free Shipping on Gift Baskets

Many wines are produced outside of the classic districts in France, Germany and Italy where the grape varieties were originally grown. Create a basket that explores these often ignored wines from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Israel and South America, as well as little known wineries of the United States. Add a few palate-cleansing cheeses or fruits to the basket, paired to match the chosen wine.




Dessert Wine

Wine can also be paired with various desserts so that the flavor of both is enhanced. Include a Cabernet Sauvignon or a bottle of port in a basket filled with chocolate or a Gewurztraminer with a creamy dessert like a New York cheesecake covered in strawberries. Or add a flavored wine, such as a chocolate-infused Dutch Merlot, for a different experience.







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